Cabrini house residents enjoy a trip to Winter Wonderland

Friday, 22 December, 2017
Diagrama Foundation: Cabrini House residents visiting a shop in Winter Wonderland

Residents at Cabrini House, Diagrama’s home for adults with learning disabilities, have enjoyed a festive day trip to Winter Wonderland in London.

Support worker Vicky Booth said: “This year to celebrate the festive season we took the residents on a trip to Covent Garden and to Winter Wonderland, which gave them an opportunity to shop for Christmas presents for family and friends, and also experience the rides and stalls in Hyde Park.”

The trip to London is one of several activities that staff at Diagrama’s Orpington care home organises for residents to be able to enjoy the festive season, get out into the community and join in the celebrations.

“We took the tube into central London, which the residents don’t experience that often, so they enjoyed the change in transport. They said it was much more fun than the minibus!”

“All that energy used on the tube required a pit stop for refuelling, so we stopped in a cafe so everyone could get a nice warm hot chocolate! It was very cold outside, so that went down a treat!”

 Residents walked all around the Christmas stalls at both Covent Garden and Winter Wonderland looking at the huge variety of different gifts and treats offered, from tiny little homemade gifts to huge Christmas decorations.

“Whilst walking round Winter Wonderland we found a stall selling marshmallows on sticks, that we were able to cook on their fire pit. Everyone jumped at the chance of eating warm marshmallows, so we asked for one each. However the first one went down so quick that we all wanted more! I lost count how many we had each, but it was a lovely little treat that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.”

“At the end of the day we found the big ice rink and we stayed there for a bit and watched everyone ice-skating. Some people were going round really fast and were very good, but there were also lots of people that couldn’t stand up. It was good fun watching people ice-skate, and a good end to a great day out.”

Diagrama Foundation: Cabrini House residents enjoying a rest in Covent Garden
Diagrama Foundation: Cabrini House residents enjoying a hot chocolate in a cafe