Cabrini residents celebrate Dignity in Care Day

Monday, 12 March, 2018

Residents at Cabrini House, Diagrama’s home for adults with learning disabilities, held a Digni-tea afternoon in celebration of Dignity in Care Day.

Support worker Vicky Booth said: “To celebrate Dignity in Care Day at Cabrini House we held an event for all residents and their family to join us for a pot of tea and cakes and to talk about what was important to them.”

The event organised was one of several days where the families of residents are invited to spend time together and make friends.

“Residents spent the morning making lots of cakes in preparation for Dignity Day, including a whole tray full of little chocolate cornflake cakes, and a big sponge cake, which of course went down a treat with everyone!”

Vicky said, “Everyone sat in a big circle, residents and family, and each took some time to reflect on their time at Cabrini and also expressed their thoughts, ranging from their favourite activities and foods to how they feel about personal spaces etc.”

“After discussing their thoughts residents were encouraged to write them down onto paper hearts, which were then hung in the garden for everyone to see and reflect upon.”

Cabrini House is based in Orpington, Kent. More information on Cabrini House is available here.