Cabrini residents enjoyed a multicultural afternoon for Diversity Day

Friday, 11 May, 2018
Diagrama Foundation: Cabrini House residents dishing up from the huge variety of food

Cabrini House, Diagrama’s residential home for adults with learning disabilities, has been celebrating diversity with a multicultural day for the whole family.

Residents and their relatives were given the opportunity to experience a variety of foods from all of the different cultures within Cabrini House, including Spanish, Italian, Ugandan, Thai, Jamaican and Nigerian. Staff and family members brought in a selection of dishes from their native countries so everyone could have a taste of cuisine from around the world.

Residential manager Michelle Dyne said: “The huge variety of meals included jerk chicken, rice and peas, tapas, Spanish omelette, Nigerian rice, Piri Piri pork, green Thai curry, pizza, pastries and Welsh cakes.

“After enjoying a huge world buffet residents each made a collection of national flags to go with each dish they had tried and these were then hung up around the houses for everyone to see.”

Families of Cabrini residents are welcome to visit the house at any time and once a month staff arranged a themed event for everyone to come together.

Diagrama Foundation’s CEO David McGuire added: “We always encourage residents to be as independent as possible, within their capabilities, and Diversity Day is a great opportunity for them to learn more about each other.  These regular events also help them to develop their socialisation skills.”

Cabrini House is based in Orpington, Kent. More information onCabrini House is available here.
Diagrama Foundation: A traditional Spanish dish made by residents at Cabrini House
Diagrama Foundation: Cabrini House residents made handmade flags from their native countries