Decorating Cabrini House for Christmas

Wednesday, 6 December, 2017
Diagrama Foundation: The Cabrini House residents celebrate their hard work decorating the house.

Residents at Cabrini House, Diagrama’s home for adults with learning disabilities, have enjoyed the afternoon decorating the house ready for the Christmas celebrations.

The busy day full of decorating forms part of a regular programme for residents which are designed to provide stimulation and integration through a variety of activities.

Support worker Claire said: “Residents in Cabrini decided it was time to decorate the house ready for the festive season.  Everyone helped and joined in and started to celebrate the joys of Christmas.”

“They dusted off the old Christmas CDs, turned the speakers on and blasted out all of those traditional songs, and enjoyed singing aloud to everyone, and no one cared how out of tune they were with the song!”

With the Santa hats and Christmas jumpers on the residents helped each other to put the Christmas tree up, and then began adding the lights too. Each person picked their own bauble and hung it on a branch, followed by the grand finale of Sean reaching up as high as possible and placing the big golden star on top of the beautiful tree.

“After the tree looked perfect the residents began to focus their attention on the rest of the house, running round and covering every window with snowflake stickers, and hanging tinsel wherever they could.”

“After spending hours decorating everyone decided it was time for relaxing and voted for a big Chinese takeaway and a glass of fizz.”

“It was very nice to see all the residents get so excited for Christmas. It’s definitely one of the most enjoyable times of the year for everyone involved."

Cabrini House is based in Orpington, Kent.

Diagrama Foundation: One of the Cabrini House residents putting snow flakes on the window.
Diagrama Foundation: One of the Cabrini House residents putting the star on the Christmas tree.
Diagrama Foundation: The residents of Cabrini House enjoying their Chinese takeaway.
Diagrama Foundation: One of the Cabrini House residents decorating the house.