Healthy Living

Healthy Living

The home will promote the good health and well-being of all residents and will ensure each individual’s physical, emotional and health needs are met at all times. Residents will be provided with guidance, advice and support on health and personal care issues, tailored to their individual capabilities.

As part of the admission process, staff work in partnership with parents, guardians, carers and others to ensure that every resident is registered with a local GP, dentist and optician and that arrangements are made for necessary visits and periodic tests.

Those holding guardianship responsibility will need to provide consent for the administration of medications and drugs and emergency medical treatment. Staff will record all details of medical visits on individual records, including treatment and medication details.

Medication will be kept locked and secure and issued by the appropriate staff. A written record of all medication held and issued is kept. Where appropriate, residents may hold their medication (if deemed to be competent) with agreement from the medical practitioner, family and social worker and a risk assessment in place.

All staff share a common responsibility to promote the health and welfare of all residents.