Personal Support

Personal Support

All residents within the home have an individual risk assessment to state the amount of care and support they require within the home and the community.

The dynamics of the peer group at the time will also be a contributing factor, considering potential risks.

The care and support of the residents will also be dependent on factors such as age, independence, social skills, risk and disabilities. Each resident has the right to privacy so is able to have free time in their own bedrooms and bathrooms, each of these with lockable doors which staff are able to access should an emergency or concern arise.

Each resident has their own individual care plan which is person-centred and created in a way which the resident can understand they are involved in decisions about their care and choices including goals and ambitions. Diagrama has a lone working risk assessment for staff in addition to the lone working policy that staff are aware of prior to working with residents.

Key workers

Each resident is assigned a key worker whose job it is to build a close positive relationship with the resident to enable them to provide the best possible support. The key workers know their residents’ likes and dislikes, what their interests are and what makes them happy and sad. They’ll know their favourite foods, TV programmes and music – they’ll even know what colour socks they might prefer! At Cabrini House our key workers are almost like family.